You land on a small planet inhabited by a great Whale. You seek his wisdom to find a lost magical item.

Short bitsy game made for the Space Whales Bitsy Jam!
I hope you enjoy the abstract story and the drawings :)



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cute game with a cute message!

Thanks! I wonder how you did you find this little game :P


I keep an eye on and save all the new, free to play browser games that come out on! then I go back and play them when I have time!


this is really good!! i love the little kinda "hidden" spots like ones that you might not think to go to just bc you might assume you cant go that way haha
and also the 4 different items! the ending can be achieved in two different spots which was really nice!!! i enjoyed it a lot!!! i hope i found everything :P


It is everything as for now!
There's just one more little, unimportant secret, hehe.
I also want to add a different ending for each item and write some kind of story for it


oh no >:O i didnt find everything??? DANG!!
oh that would be super cool!!!


so well done! i loved the story! i have so many questions after playing it. ps the background on your page made the sky feel so big. 

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Nice tale. I can almost feel Time now. Good stars background on the page too!


Love it love it love it 💚